Curandero in the lineage of Kesten Betsa.
Devotion to Spirit, weaving ancestry blood lines of prayer.  Shamanic studies with Kesten Besta, to Lakota Ceremonial Studies and Rituals. His desires to bring love and light to all his areas in his worlds of spiritual progress. His journey from the depths of healing to access the divine wisdom of the plants and spirit wisdom.
Always striving and praying for the light to return home to his community and bringing faith and wisdom.



Apprentice of Kesten Betsa lineage

I accepted I was on earth on a mission,  to remember my raw pure spirit. My life is to honour the great beauty of remembrance.   A student here on plant earth to reclaim my sovereignty.   I began my journey from the depths of the underworld to ascend the 7 gates back home. Journey to heal and remember, all the realms of sickness at an age of 6 where my decent began. To the women who held a gift from spirit, a child where my  shamanic initiation arose. Its time to transcend, heal these blocks, these co-dependent parasites.  Autoimmune Disease, COD, Mental Fatigue, Suicidal, ED, Abuse of physical & Sexual .  All these entities were lingering and  preying on my soul to surrender. Where my Soul retrieval began. I found Mother or more like she found me in my dream time.  Mother, Goddess, Aya, all universal mother was present, where she redirected  and reaffirmed my recovery.  Witnessing and-honouring the great mystery, the beauty of remembrance of who I was and who I will become. The karmic wheel of transcendence, where I then dedicated my life to the world of plant medicine and self-discovery where a power activation occurred  and life became anew.

I would not be alive today without my partner, teachers or my Mistro’s prayers, there unconditional acceptance and love. I hold their values and I pray every day through sound vibration for their healing and their light. I ask for forgiveness for faults and release and let flow out what is no longer serving my higher self.

​I am  a space holder, a channel of the energy of my spirit allies of Plants, Angels, God & Goddess and all Sentient Beings to support transmissions of healing through me.  My perception of life is unity through grace. 

“May the long time sun shine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you, guide your way on”



Arron, Apprentice in the Shipibo medicine after many years of his own healing.
He continueswith his  dedication of the plants on all levels. He works closely with participants, listening to their needs and offering gentle instruction. His voice is strong, his song brings peace and light in the ceremonies. His heart is to bring healing and transformation to all.