Following the Shamans Diet

Why it’s so important to do the work and follow through.

Many travellers have reached out to ask;

What do I eat? Can I eat this? Should I avoid that?

How important is it to follow along closely to the guidelines provided?

At Medicine Songs, we like to start with an in-depth look into your daily life and the ways we might bring you new ideas of living.

It is vital to be honest and detailed in your application. Take your time to answer all of the questions thoroughly. That way, we can fully understand you and your needs on a deeper level. We need to know what we are working with, and what we are collectively working towards during your journey.

If you feel uncertain about how to express yourself, please reach out to us. One of the experts at Medicine Songs will speak with you directly to answer your questions, deepen our connection, and ensure that we are prescribing the right treatment plan for you.

Cleaning our body, mind, and soul is of utmost importance.

The diet requirements that we provide are a basic way to approach the world of cleansing. It eliminates many elements of the plant, animal, and mineral kingdom by stripping it down to the essentials, thus opening our systems up to spirit.

The shaman’s diet helps us clean away the toxins and bad energies, as well as clarify and enhance the good energies. It is preparing us mentally and physically for our healing journey, bringing us closer to the plant spirits and our ancestors.

Remember and digest why your intuition has guided us on this journey of self-realization, and observe your habitual thought patterns.

Diet is such a powerful word, and it may be a trigger for some. It could download old patterns of fear, resentment, lack of self-worth, lack of self-control, binge behaviour, avoidance, and all together steer us deeper into our traumas.

However, the concept of diet that we would like to align ourselves with is one where we are mindfully attuning to our vessels (body’s) needs. We do this to bring harmony and balance to our systems. In this way, we can be ready for a significant life change as we enter the world of plant medicine.

We prepare our bodies not just by limiting the foods that we consume, but also by eliminating substances such as alcohol, pharmaceutical and naturopathic medication, marijuana and other recreational drug use. We need to and refrain from sexual activities/energies, disruptive social behaviours, and negative mental patterns. These are the keys to obtaining the most benefit possible from our diet.

We keep in mind that to heal, we need to return our bodies and minds to source.

Healing is beyond the limits of what has occurred in this life. When we are born, we bring our ancestral traumas with us. It clings to our soul so that, through plant medicine and guidance, we can heal all realms of our light spirit bodies.

We walk through life bearing many shields that we believe are serving our higher good. Shields such as; food, sex, medication, alcohol, substance abuse, as well as mental states like anger, jealousy, fear, and generally holding unhealthy beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Our shields protect us in many ways and we are grateful for them during the times that they are serving us. However, they numb and suppress the root cause of our traumas, thus blocking our path to enlightenment.

They have been a fantastic tool to keep us going when we are struggling or in pain, but when we are called, we need to regain our power and our sovereignty back.

When we do this, we recover the ability to exist in a healthy, balanced, mindful life. Plant medicine and shamanic ceremonies can help us break these shields and expose our souls for deep spiritual healing.

When we approach dieta, we should see as it preparing for major surgery.

We make sure to follow any precautions that our doctors ask of us before surgery. We do this for our safety and to ensure that the outcome of the procedure is a good one. The diet that we prescribe is no different.

The foods that we choose to eat each day have a vibrational tone that gets digested within our vessels. When we select ingredients that are in-season, local, and organic, they resonate at higher vibrations, making them easier to digest.

Removing the things we rely on in our basic western diets, such as salt and sugar, can be a challenge. We tend to have addiction energies surrounding them, and without them, our food can feel flavourless. The “crash” can be rough; however, in time, our pallet starts to awaken.

With a clean diet, we will eventually be able to taste the naturally occurring flavours and minerals in our food. After the adjustment period, our regular diet will feel way too salty and sweet. Plus, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much cutting sugar out of one’s diet helps with emotional stability. 

Traditionally pork and red meat carry blood, toxins, as well as the spirit sensitively or traumas from the animal. In a way, eliminating them is practicing non-violence. In Sanskrit, we call this ahimsa.

Many of the foods we ask you to eliminate can have severe adverse reactions with the plant medicine you may be prescribed, so it is always best to follow the chart as carefully as you are able.

The more mindful we are of our consumption, with less meat and more vegetables, we come to be more like the plant realm, and we will find a deeper connection in the plant medicine world.

In many cultures, before entering ceremonial grounds, there are special preparations that must be done.

Some like to fast, with either water or nothing for a few days before the ceremony. Some travellers enter on their knees, dropping their egos as they enter the womb of the sweat lodge, to cleanse and pray for connection to the great mystery. Some will make dispachos, which is a ceremonial fire where one makes an offering of food, drink, and medicines to the spirit of dark and light, asking for the release of attachments and healing.

In Shipibo traditions, healers will use certain plant purgatives before they enter the Maloka for healing. This is done to cleanse and align us with our intuition or “gut feeling,” which can become clouded during our daily lives. Purging ultimately begins the process of letting go and making space for change to flourish within us.

Every culture has its unique ancestral traditions in preparing for ceremonies. Still, they all have one key ingredient in common, and that is to bring the mind, body, and spirit back into harmony, thus opening a clean, clear connection with the plant spirits.

We can find our own ceremonial preparation habits by following some simple guidelines. 

We should be making our meals with intention, following the chart for guidance and using fresh, organic ingredients.

We should be making offerings to our ancestors, asking and thanking them for their wisdom and guidance while we are on our healing journey.

We can fast for a day or so to clean our bodies of the toxins we put in it during our face-paced western lifestyle.

We can spend time alone, meditating on our intention while working with the plant medicine.

It is good practice to start journaling daily to connect with your thoughts, emotions, worries, fears, hopes and dreams.

There are many teachings that we can bring in, but most importantly, we need to call our ancestors for their teachings on how to clean and clear. They will assist us in becoming closer to them, our higher selves and the plant spirits.

The dieta goes beyond changing our diet; it’s a way of life.

Plant diets and shamanistic ceremonies will have a massively transformative impact on your life. These impacts will be the catalyst for positive change and inspiration, as well as a deeper understanding of your spiritual truth. Even though these changes can be ultimately positive, they can also be challenging not only for you but for your family and social circle. When you start to vibrate at a higher frequency, it becomes more difficult to surround yourself with lower-frequency influences.

We at Medicine Songs are here to provide you with ongoing guidance throughout your journey. We offer one-on-one integration work for you to make positive well-considered choices in a loving and balanced way.

 Transformation is a beautiful thing when it is done with love.

When we start awakening to all realms of life, we have already begun our shamanic journey.