Offerings and Consultations

We offer:

Traditional Indigenous Ceremonies, weaving Shipibo & Lakota Ancestral lineages.

​Space, with the supportive presence of Curanderos, Quantum Healers, and Yoga Therapists, provided in a setting to deepen your connection with the spirit world, where the vessel can initiate recalibration and soul level healing.

Weekend Shamanic Retreats

Ceremonial Rituals, Sweat lodge, Yoga, Meditation, Integration Counselling, Nutritious Dietas, meals.  We can incorporate clients needs to treatments while providing a shamanic approach.

Week Long Immersion Retreats (Peru)

…….. more info comming soon …….

Plant Dietas

Nutritional and spiritual guidance and support for nourishing your plant dieta (link to Dieta page here)

Shamanic Sound Bath Nidra

Guidance through sound vibration, enchanting your 5 primary senses, accessing Delta and Theta brain waves to restore harmony back into your nervous system, re-calibrating neural pathways bringing quantum healing.

Integration Counselling

Practitioners can provide clients with guidance and support through their transformational healing journey.

​Any requests that are yearned for, please connect with us so we can meet your needs.

​All offerings vary at different price point; please inquire for more information.