La Dieta

Opening the vision of Plant vibration

The Shaman opens up the world of energetics and essence of Vegatalismo.
A diet is a contract between Plant, Shaman, and patient, cultivating a relationship with the disciple to learn the teachings, harmonics & healing modalities for the length of their agreement. 

Teaching and wisdom have been transmitted from plants to the soul’vessel.  Plants require desired amounts of light and rest, time and nutrition.  Each plant is handled with different guidelines based on the genius of the plant’s intelligence.  Salt, sugar, even heavy spices can kill the energetics of the plant.  There are many rules that have been given in all different ways of shamanism for plant spirit diets.  Working with the plants has been trial and error, which cultivates more patience within our human species. Over centuries, we could almost know we are all blind to perfection which a plant spirit thrives on.  So, we do our best in modern day society.  To find our soul level healing, we need to visualize our plant and see if the food we are consuming is harming, wilting, drying or over watering our medicine.  The clients have been asked to refrain from intimacy, sex, masturbation, drugs and alcohol, heavy energies, screens (ie, violent/sexual TV series or video games), climate and much more.   Being strict is hard for 3-12 months but the rewards are worth the surrender. 

If we truly want to sink deep into our spiritual work we need to focus in and clear out, keep our vessels running with the finest fuel.  So the body can start detoxing the unwanted trapped energies and entities that are clogging up energy flow so the currents can reconnect and medicine can deposit its wisdom into the spaces where there has been disharmony.  So we have a guide to weaving through this Medicine journey and cultivating a relationship with our Allies.

Plant dieta is a daily ritual, there is an art to finding the dance to the overall  diversity of the medicine journey.  Patience and determination within our plant allow the shift to occur in our body by expelling the human inadequate balance. By mirroring one’s anger, ego, concepts, grief, fear, illnesses etc.  Releases are energetically enhanced, allowing these taxing energies to surface so they can be recognized , cleared with light healing potency.  This is transformational Shadow work which bring quantum healing to all realms to DNA to ancestors’ chains.

Working and dedicating oneself to the world of  Plant Medicine, will offer the patient a strong progression in their overall healing journey, where they learn to become the master of their desires. Healing brings true authentic awakening within spiritual progression, radiates divine love, acceptance allowing the flow to return back to source.

If you feel called to deepen your experience within plant inelegance, we request that clients book in a consultation, so we can deepen our understanding of your overall  healing.

*We’re making sure our bodies are functional and our mind is strong to carry on our day to day lives in this modern world while dieting.

* We need to be nourishing our bodies to hold space for the medicine of our plant spirit. 

* I also am aware of mineral deficiency in our soil, so I do recommend after a few months of strict diet one can add a small amount of salt to food not to taste but to nourish the body’s proper functions. The brain, the adrenal glands and the thyroid need salt for optimal function.  Health is our transition to higher realms in this spirit world once we transition into light body’s.