Plant Baths

Flower Bath (banos Florales)
Spiritual baths, cleanses the auric field, harmonizing and strengthening the wounds and energetics of society’s behaviours.
Preparing the bath is a sacred dance, weaving the elements with divine prayer.
The practitioner tunes with the harmonics of their patient to anoint certain plants, crystal, resins, smoke.  We then allow the alchemy of the medicine to imprint the water with intention, song & prayer activating Banos. 
The practitioner or Shaman facilitates sacred space for patient treatment & becomes a clear channel so that susto can return to source with guidance.
The patients trust is a major role for banos, their fear & vulnerably to the external elements needs to transcend and move their awareness into trusting spirit to bring healing on all levels, where we are embraced, nourished & loved unconditionally with a sense of rebirth from the elements.